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Translucent Consciousness Series


I began working on the Translucent Consciousness Series in early February 2021 and have now finished three pieces and have others ongoing. The Translucent Consciousness Series has been an experiment for me in learning new forms of art, but also creating art that feels like play, is messy and unpredictable but also has great depth. All pieces of this series are related to the mind and thoughts which, for me, are both directly impacted by living with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease I was diagnosed with 15 years ago.

Combining the impermanence and unpredictability of ink with the finality of resin has been a lesson in letting go of control and a head first dive into finding unintentional beauty in experimenting with new mediums – themes that mimic life with MS.

My days managing a chronic illness are equally unpredictable, impermanent, but beautiful. This beauty is something I hope to reveal to others, by using resin to suspend flowers, objects, and colors, representing a look into the life of someone living with MS.

This series is about creating things that look beautiful on their own, but when you hold them close you can see a microworld inside that is representative of deep thoughts, dreams, and how those can be interrupted by something that lives inside your brain, like MS does.

This project has been a creative renaissance in my art practice, and an important new chapter in my work as a chronic illness advocate.

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Translucent Consciousness:

No. 1  Sources of Light

Resin, wire & found objects
5 x 7 inches

Translucent Consciousness:

No. 2  Bloom & Flourish

Resin, wire & found objects
5 x 7 inches

Translucent Consciousness:

No. 3  Concept Ingredients

Resin, wire & found objects

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